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Technology: Bridging Education And Opportunities Towards Upward Social Mobility

*This article was written by Cellini Basri and was published in WikiImpact.

Often, we are told that the path to success is linear.

With talent or education, one would surely be able to carve out better days ahead, irrespective of the circumstances they were born in. This is the same story with many versions told over and over again throughout our lives. Parents to children. Employers to employees.

Unfortunately, this is not a foolproof plan.

As much as education and hard work contribute to our social mobility, the deck is still stacked against those at the lower end of the social strata.

A level playing field has never been more than just an ideal concept and in reality, access to education or opportunities to build talent is still lacking.

Fortunately, in the past decade, we have seen the robust development of technology that seems to have positively contributed towards increasing access to education and opportunities. With the introduction of video conferencing technologies and video sharing platforms, access to educational materials is seeing an improvement.

For the full article, visit WikiImpact.

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