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Policy Paper: OIC Charter on Uyghur Treatment in Xinjiang

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Bait Al Amanah (House of Trust) published a policy brief titled 'Uyghur Treatment in Xinjiang: Analysis of The OIC Charter and Responses From The Muslim World' authored by Nabiela Ismail, Analyst from the Foreign Affairs Department and Farah Anuar, Research and Advocacy Analyst of Bait Al Amanah.

Executive Summary

  • It is due time for the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to uphold its Charter and principles in combating the double standard treatment affecting the human rights of Uyghurs in religious practice and political well-being.

  • The current responses from the Muslim world must be devised and re-analysed aiming at finding continuing solutions for a sustainable cessation of hostilities of the Uyghurs.

  • The assessment report released by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in August 2022 is a significant attestation to the plight.

  • The OIC Charter provides insights into the insufficiency of OIC putting forth solidarity, commitment and efforts towards the current predicament of Uyghurs, the negligence of OIC in prioritizing the agreed principles, the urgency of all member states to promote characteristics of good governance and the obligation to contribute to international peace and security.

  • There needs accountability for the OIC and its member states to abide by its Charter, consolidate a specific agenda on Uyghurs in an Extraordinary Session, provide essential living assistance to the Uyghur refugees for sustainable living, and establish a special envoy on Islamophobia.

  • Nevertheless, comprehensive strategic planning in vindicating the OIC’s principle of safeguarding Muslims’ rights, dignity, cultural and religious identity as well as promoting Islamic solidarity must be manifested in Uyghur’s predicament.

The document is attached below:

Policy Brief Uyghur Treatment_OIC Charter
Download PDF • 440KB

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