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Khaled Nordin Presents 10 Year Development Plan For Johor

Kicking off a brand new start with the best foot forward, the Chief Minister of Johor, Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Bin Nordin has delivered the New Year Mandate 2018 on February 5th witnessed by around 3,500 guests. Among those present were civil servants, representatives from the private sector, non-governmental organisation (NGOs), religious clerics, sports athletes, social activists, members of the youth parliament (ABPM), representative from the Orang Asli community, FELDA settlers and also those from the hospitality, F&B and transportation sectors.

The event which was held at the Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios in Iskandar Puteri saw YAB Datuk Seri Khaled presenting Johor’s plans and direction for the next 10 years in detail.

The agenda known as The New Decade of Johor can be regarded as an impressive idea, the first of such initiative in Malaysia. It is important to note that a similar effort is unheard of. No other state has ever presented a 10 year development plan at its level. In fact, there are states that have never presented any plan.

The New Decade of Johor will run on the Johor Berkemajuan philosophy as its guiding track. This philosophy which was introduced in 2017 is a revolutionary idea to change the attitude and mentality of Team Johor, which was upheld as the main essence by the Chief Minister in his mandate last year.

The 2018 Mandate comprises several interesting matters that was declared in clarity with six main strategies as its goal. Among the laid out strategies are the idea that the state of Johor’s economic progress must be done by taking into account the importance of making preparations in order to face the future economic wave and the challenges that come with it.

Furthermore, holistic human capital especially in the areas of critical thinking and creative talents will also be multiplied simultaneously. Continuous efforts must also be done to ensure the State of Johor successfully maintains its religious and cultural preservation and environmental sustainability while enhancing human security, quality of life and the well-being of the people.

This initiative is deservingly viewed as a bold, progressive and massive action based on a few reasons.

First and foremost, it indirectly answers all queries and doubts on part of the citizen regarding the Johor State Government’s plan and direction in propelling the state forward into a promising future.

Thus at the very least, this plan has illustrated a clear picture of Johor’s long term strategic plan done on its own accord and prerogative.

Secondly, the presentation of the New Decade of Johor has injected enthusiasm and ignited the spirit of the society to keep on serving and contributing towards the State’s development.

Third, the New Decade of Johor has captured the people’s attention, garnering it together as a collective effort and channeling it onto fundamental matters which is vital to develop the state to be the best in the nation, Unbeaten, Unparalleled and Unstoppable.

As an effect, this matter has muted the Opposition’s actions in Johor that seems to be overloaded with political polemic, fogged by their delirious ambition to conquer Johor. The overwhelming desire of the Opposition coalition however came without any alternatives, not even an offer of a feasible development plan for the benefit of the people.

Moving forward to the fourth reason, this initiative is also the highlight to all agendas and huge ideas that was incepted earlier. Certainly the New Decade of Johor will be seen as a wrap up and conclusion to all prior efforts, the cherry on top of the cake.

From the viewpoint of the citizens, it is mind-boggling to wonder how the state of Johor is capable of achieving various progress ten steps ahead compared to other states.

The society is already unamused and to a certain extent, disgusted to hear all the thousands of empty promises from various parties. Some even scatter hopes purportedly capable of making Johor better. Unfortunately, these propitious words, no matter how enticing, are not equipped with any alternatives or concrete solutions to the status quo.

With the existence of this Mandate and the New Decade of Johor aspiration, it seems that the pressure on the opposition allegiance is increasing. It’s not impossible that this could be the key factor contributing to a bigger rejection towards their fractured coalition in the near future.

In essence, an idea such as the New Decade of Johor would definitely be seen as a paradigm shift and a starting point towards the State’s progress in achieving a more rapid and advanced development.

More interestingly, the Mandate was ended with YAB Datuk Seri Khaled handing down a chain of 5 important messages that will be the pillars of principles for Team Johor in implementing this massive idea.

‘Betulkan Niat’, set our intention right. ‘Bangunkan Negeri’, build our state.‘Bela Negara’, defend our country.‘Berilah Nilai’, add values.And ‘Bawalah Nama’, bring glory.

As a member of the public, we cannot afford to view this solely as an on-fence spectator anymore. In fact, it is time to be more actively involved and proactively improving together especially in harnessing energy and willpower to make the New Decade of Johor a huge success, as big as the Chief Minister’s hopes and dreams for Team Johor!

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