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Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Economic Cooperation between Malaysia and Australia

Bait Al Amanah and the Australian High Commission have organised a workshop on entrepreneurship and economic cooperation between Malaysia and Australia.


The first instalment in a series of three workshops, this closed-door discussion took place on the 13th of September. It saw an attendance of participants from a number of different backgrounds, including the private sector, research institutes, consulting firms, academia, politics, and civil services.


This workshop commenced with a welcome address by Mr. Simon Fellows, the Chargé d’Affaires of the Australian High Commission in Malaysia. This was then followed by a keynote address delivered by Dato Seri Mustapa Mohamed. Dato Seri Mustapa’s keynote provided an overview of Malaysia-Australia trade ties, with a focus on his personal reflections from his long career in overseeing the development of the two countries’ economic relations. Participants had the opportunity to direct their questions on the subject matter to him and engage in a discussion with one of the country’s foremost thought leaders.


After this keynote was a presentation by Mr. Rossi Jaafar, Deputy CEO and Group COO of Aerodyne Group, on his vision for entrepreneurship in 2030. Mr. Rossi provided valuable insights into the massive potential for growth among Malaysian enterprises, key issues on the horizon such as disruptive technologies, and how Malaysia and Australia can continue to develop an already robust trade relationship.


Mr. Paul Sanda, Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner to Malaysia & Brunei at Austrade, launched the afternoon segment of the workshop with a highly interactive presentation on Australia’s efforts to unlock the full potential of the digital economy. He described the ways in which Australia has adapted, and contributed to, the disruptive technologies mentioned by Mr. Rossi Jaafar in the preceding session, mentioning several Australian innovations and brands which have become household names across the globe.


The final discussion of the day was conducted in the format of a moderated general discussion. This session features Mr. Benedict Weerasena, Research Director of Bait Al Amanah, as the moderator as he invited participants, via a series of key questions, to share their thoughts and interact with each other on the way forward for regional economic partnerships.

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