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Scraps into Security: A Fresh Take on Malaysia's Food Waste Dilemma

Written by Karisma Putera Abd Rahman, Research and Advocacy Analyst of Bait Al Amanah

Description: This write-up discusses the potential of food-surplus apps in addressing food waste and food security issues in Malaysia. Social enterprises like 'What A Waste' are already redirecting excess food to those in need. However, the concept could be expanded to assist more Malaysians, especially those who find cooking at home taxing and expensive. The piece suggests adopting strategies from other countries, like the UK's 'Too Good To Go' app, which allows restaurants to sell surplus food at reduced prices. This could provide cheaper takeout options, reduce restaurants' financial losses from surplus food, and contribute to sustainability.

Full-Length Article:

Scraps into Security_ A Fresh Take on Malaysia's Food Waste Dilemma
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This article was originally published on NST.

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