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Policy Brief: Patani: The Prospect of Peace in Forgotten Conflict

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Bait Al Amanah (House of Trust) published a new policy brief titled 'Patani: The Prospect of Peace in Forgotten Conflict' authored by Dr. Abdul Razak Ahmad (Founding Director of Bait Al Amanah), Fikry A Rahman (Head of Foreign Affairs of Bait Al Amanah), Simraatraj Kaur Dhillon and Nabiela Ismail (Research & Advocacy Analysts of Bait Al Amanah).

The main findings and recommendations of the paper are as below:

  • Post pandemic is a high time for Southern Thailand conflict to be resolved due to the devastating impact on southerner’s economic and political well-being.

  • The current peace talk must be improvised aiming at finding concrete solutions for long-lasting peace in the Deep South.

  • Malaysia’s role as the facilitator since 2013 is laudable and the latest development in January 2022 is welcoming.

  • The webinar organised by Bait Al Amanah and People's College in January 2022 attended by Southern Thailand's insurgent groups provide insights on the need to propel political will by the Thailand government at the negotiation table, reiterating the non-negotiable peace resolution, highlighting the lack of attention from international organizations, and demanding for inclusivity in the peace-seeking process by involving other insurgent groups.

  • Nevertheless, holistic strategic planning in the upcoming peace talk must be initiated to ensure the efforts do not end up in a stalemate.

  • It includes the inclusivity of participants from the insurgent groups, the efficacy of the role of the facilitator to facilitate the negotiation via multiple channels, supported by a formidable brain trust group to provide extensive insights on the conflicts and all parties' willpower to resolve the violent conflict.

The full policy paper is attached below:

Policy Brief Patani The Prospect of Peace in a Forgotten Conflict
Download PDF • 752KB

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