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Policy Brief: A Holistic Revamp of The Driver's Education Curriculum

Bait Al Amanah (House of Trust) published a policy brief titled 'A Holistic Revamp of The Driver's Education Curriculum' authored by Karisma Putera Abd Rahman, Research and Advocacy Analyst of Bait Al Amanah.

Executive Summary

In recent years, Malaysia has faced a significant increase in road accidents. This alarming trend necessitates a comprehensive revamp of the Road Transport Department's (JPJ) Driver's Education Curriculum (DEC) to promote improved knowledge, skills, and experience related to real-world scenarios on Malaysian roads. This policy brief proposes various recommendations that are urged to be considered when revamping the curriculum to ensure a culture of safe driving and ultimately contribute to the well-being of Malaysians.

The key takeaways of the policy brief are as follows:

  • Problem: Malaysia has observed a 56.2% increase in road accidents since 2007

  • Recommendation 1: Highway Training Module

  • Recommendation 2: Lane Splitting and Filtering: Training and Legislation

  • Recommendation 3: Hazard Perception Module

The document is attached below:

Policy Brief_A Holistic Revamp of The Education Curriculum
Download PDF • 693KB

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