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We are appalled by reports and accounts of human rights abuses and violations committed in Afghanistan, particularly towards Afghan women and girls.

Women and girls are NOT spoils of war for the Taliban fighters. For the past decades, Afghan women have in fact been invaluable to the work of rebuilding and running the country.

Therefore, we strongly urge the Taliban to not subject Afghan women and girls to archaic rules that would deprive them of education, freedom and liberty.

We strongly hope that the withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan would not be the end of progress and hope for women but instead an opportunity to prove that Islam and female empowerment can co-exist.

The international community do not and must not offer any room to a worldview that justifies the sexual slavery of child brides and the imprisonment of women from exercising their freedom and liberty.

Women and girls must be protected with their rights preserved. The opportunities for women’s education and participation in society and the economy achieved over the last 20 years cannot be put to waste.

We strongly condemn any effort from any party that seeks to wipe out the years of progress gained by the Afghan women.

We call for the international community to hold the Taliban accountable for any act of violence and prejudice against women and girls. Threats on Afghan women and girls must be taken seriously.

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