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Effective Implementation of GEG Comes at a Cost

The Control of Smoking Product for Public Health Bill 2023, which includes the generational end game (GEG) smoking ban provision is currently being referred to the Parliamentary Special Select Committee (PSSC) on Health. Benedict Weerasena, Bait Al Amanah's Research Director was recently interviewed on BFM on the potential implementation costs of the GEG bill.

Based on calculations made from official government data and additional estimations, he explained that the total enforcement cost of the Generational End Game (GEG) is estimated at RM303.589 million per annum, which includes the cost of the Tobacco Track and Trace system, public awareness campaign, hiring of additional enforcement officers in addition to the equipment, vehicles and training costs. However, this estimated cost is dependent on the full details of the enforcement powers agreed upon in the final version of the Control of Smoking Product for Public Health Bill 2023, whereby wider-ranging powers would translate into higher enforcement costs.

For the full audio recording, kindly refer to the link here.

(Picture credit: BFM)

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