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Dr. Abdul Razak's Meeting with stakeholders on Malaysia-Turkey relations.

Updated: Jan 19

On the 25th of April 2022, our Founding Director, Dr. Abdul Razak had a meeting with several stakeholders in Turkey to discuss the issues surrounding Malaysia-Turkey relations.

The first meeting was with the Chairman of the AK Party Foreign Affairs Committee in Ankara. This meeting was focused on issues affecting the bilateral affairs of Malaysia and Turkey and also issues affecting the Muslim world. Dr. Abdul Razak proposed a leadership summit between Turkey and Malaysia with a special focus on the younger generation of leaders in both countries. This summit is proposed to be held biannually.

Dr. Abdul Razak also visited the Foundation for Political, Economic, and Social Research (SETA) in Ankara. One of the agendas during the session included the need for SETA and Bait Al Amanah to address the issues surrounding Malaysia-Turkey relations which are underreported and understudied in the field of international relations. Dr. Abdul Razak also proposed that SETA should consider inserting their representative office in Kuala Lumpur to better facilitate research of the two regions.

In addition, Dr. Abdul Razak met Madam Tuba Nur Sonmez, the Turkish Presidential Advisor where he highlighted the need for Turkey to support Malaysia’s mediation effort in the Southern Thailand dispute, and greater cooperation and coordination between Turkey and Malaysia on the Uighur issue, Islamophobia and the rebuilding of Syria. Furthermore, Dr. Abdul Razak took the opportunity to meet with the Malaysian Ambassador to Turkey, His Excellency Sazali Mustafa Kamal in Ankara.

All in all, Bait Al Amanah is privileged and truly humbled by the opportunity to engage with our international counterparts and contribute to improving people-to-people relations between Malaysia and Turkey and the role of think tanks in promoting trade, and economic prosperity and strengthening foreign diplomacy between both countries. We sincerely hope that Malaysia and Turkey’s close relations and cooperation in trade, economic ties, investments, and religious-political fields will continue to flourish.

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