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Dr Abdul Razak's High-Level Meeting in Qatar, Doha

Dr Abdul Razak (left) and His Excellency Ghanem bin Shaheen bin Ghanem Al Ghanim (right)

Dr Abdul Razak Ahmad, Founding Director of Bait Al Amanah was honoured to hold a courtesy meeting with His Excellency Ghanem bin Shaheen bin Ghanem Al Ghanim, Qatari Minister of Endowments (Awqaf) and Islamic Affairs and Dr. Ayedh Dabsan Al-Qahtani, CEO of the Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanity in Doha, respectively.

The meeting highlighted the need to establish a global waqf fund for education to support displaced communities around the world. In many nations, the absence of access to education perpetuates the cycle of poverty for many. This unfortunate condition is harsher for displaced communities as they have to confront legal and language barriers, tangled with discrimination and stigma in the host country.

Hence, Dr Abdul Razak emphasized that global waqf for education would provide a sustainable solution where displaced communities may have access to education, providing them with a way out of poverty and hardship. Such a mechanism will provide relief to many struggling soul and become a catalyst for improving the future of their generation.

Dr. Ayedh Dabsan Al-Qahtani (left) and Dr Abdul Razak (right)

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