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Dr Abdul Razak's Engagement with His Excellency Jusuf Kalla, Former Vice President of Indonesia

Our Founding Director, Dr Abdul Razak Ahmad recently held a momentous meeting with His Excellency Jusuf Kalla, the 10th and 12th Vice President of Indonesia, where they engaged in a lengthy discussion addressing pressing global concerns.

During the meeting, Dr. Abdul Razak articulated issues centered on Afghanistan specifically on systemic repression faced by women and girls in Afghanistan under the Taliban ruling. In a recent crackdown, the Taliban have now banned girl students from attending school after the third grade. This vulnerable groups have also been barred from working in international NGOs and other organisations, and were denied basic access, such as obtaining driving licence or taking taxi rides without a burqa and male companians. Till this date, Afghan women and girls continue to endure profound impacts of the protracted political crisis in the country.

HE Jusuf Kalla, a distinguished global peace mediator with a track record of brokering several peace deals between the government in Kabul and the Taliban, shared his insightful perspective on this crisis. His wealth of experience and diplomatic acumen provided valuable insights into the complexities of the situation.

As the discussion unfold, Dr. Abdul Razak brought attention to the pursuit of peace in Southern Thailand, emphasizing the importance of international support for Malaysia's peace initiative. Additionally, the conversation addressed the pressing political impasse of Myanmar's conflict, which have engulfed Rohingya people, the Muslim ethnic minority group with deadly consequences and endless violence. Furthermore, the complexities of Middle East affairs were also highlighted, underscoring the need for strategic approaches to navigate the intricate challenges in the region.

This insightful engagement between Dr. Abdul Razak and HE Jusuf Kalla underscored their commitment to addressing crucial issues affecting the global affairs of Muslim world. Their engagement serves as a testament to the importance of collaborative efforts in fostering understanding, promoting peace, and navigating the multifaceted challenges that impact Muslim communities worldwide.

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