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Dr. Abdul Razak's Engagement Session in Doha.

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

On the 12th of March, our Founding Director, Dr. Abdul Razak had an engagement session with Suhail Shaheen, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) Permanent Representative Designate to the United Nations and Head of the Taliban Political Office in Doha.

In the engagement session, Dr. Abdul Razak articulated issues centered on Afghanistan and how Malaysia should have a more concrete strategy in dealing with the Taliban administration. Dr. Razak highlighted the need to get the international community to understand the urgency to rebuild Afghanistan, increase international recognition and re-energize the country’s economy.

The issue in Afghanistan has been a transnational debate for decades. Throughout these years, it is evident that the international community plays an important role in the rebuilding and restructuring of the Afghan government for the sake of the livelihood of the Afghan community.

Both parties agreed that rebuilding Afghanistan requires the efforts of various parties, including supranational organizations, other foreign governments, and civilians to improve Afghanistan’s governance, infrastructure, and economy.

Dr. Abdul Razak also highlighted the importance of politically empowering women to participate in rebuilding Afghanistan. In addition, he pointed out that the empowerment of women must be prioritized in various aspects including political participation, education, and healthcare.

During the session, Ambassador Shaheen requested Bait Al Amanah to assist in getting the Malaysian media to provide a space for the Taliban spokesman to explain their side of the story. His Excellency also requested for Bait to help foster a greater understanding of Afghanistan security and political dynamics among Malaysian policymakers.

All in all, supporting the rebuilding of Afghanistan and restructuring the international community’s perspective on the Afghanistan government is aligned with Bait Al Amanah’s objective of promoting better global understanding and inclusive development.

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