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BFM on "Inclusion - The Way Forward for Refugees in Malaysia" with Bait Al Amanah & Beyond Borders

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

On 22 September 2022, BFM interviewed Simraatraj Kaur Dhillon, a Research & Advocacy Analyst at Bait Al Amanah and Mahi Ramakrishnan, the founder of Beyond Borders, about the upcoming public dialogue titled 'Inclusion: The Way Forward of Refugees in Malaysia' to commemorate The International Day of Peace, with this year's theme being 'End racism. Build peace'.

Refugees in Malaysia have long endured discrimination, denial of many fundamental human rights, and xenophobia for fleeing war or persecution in their home countries and seeking refuge here. As there are no legislative provisions or any overarching policy framework for dealing with refugees and asylum seekers in Malaysia, refugees are exposed to grave protection risks on daily basis. Simraatraj Kaur further highlighted the inconsistency of the Government policies towards refugees has put them in an unpredictable position.

"The lack of distinction between refugees and undocumented migrants makes them more vulnerable to be arrested by immigration officers and indefinite detention."

- Simraatraj Kaur, Research & Advocacy Analyst at Bait Al Amanah

Is Malaysia heading in the right direction to promote peace and non-violence in the light of International Day of Peace when it comes to dealing with refugees? What are the challenges and way forward in encouraging access to fundamental rights for refugees in Malaysia?

Let's listen to their fruitful conversation on BFM: Live and Learn.

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