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Bait Al Amanah's Participation in a Parliamentary Reform Workshop and Consultation.

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

For a country that adopts the Parliamentary Democracy system, it is vital to implement the Parliamentary Service Act (PSA) law. Historically, the PSA has enabled Parliament to function as a completely independent body, ensuring institutional freedom and restoring the autonomy of parliament in regulating administration and finances. Both government and opposition parties have also highlighted the need for the return of PSA, yet, recent political instability has derailed the tabling of the replacement bill.

Invited as think tank representatives, Nabiela and Farah Ilyana, two of Bait Al Amanah's Research & Advocacy Analysts participated in a parliamentary reform workshop and consultation on the reintroduction of the Parliamentary Service Act (PSA) conducted by BERSIH. A constructive discussion between stakeholders took place, where the challenges and recommendations in reviving the PSA were deliberated.

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