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Thank You New Zealand !

A Note of Thanks to the People of New Zealand

We are deeply grieved by the horrifying terrorist attack in Christchurch. First, we would like to extend our sincere condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims.

More importantly, words cannot express our admiration and awe of the people of New Zealand and the residents of Christchurch for their genuine benevolence in light of the recent terror attacks.

Thank you for being a beacon of hope in times of hopelessness, a source of strength for the weak and helpless, a candle shining bright in the midst of darkness.

Indeed, New Zealand has become a great example to the whole world through your remarkable response and big-heartedness as an open and tolerant society.

Thank you for inspiring us as citizens of this world with your strong solidarity and unity in diversity; a true testament of heartfelt humanity.

Source: Sky News

To the courageous, compassionate and caring Jacinda Ardern, You have garnered international praise for your empathetic yet defiant responses. Thank you for going all out to restore the peaceful environment that New Zealand is known for and leading by example to bravely demonstrate that there is no tolerance for racism ever. Thank you for boldly wearing the hijab as a symbol of respect and on a deeper level, giving Muslims a sense of security to continue to practice their faith in New Zealand. Thank you for being vocal in your determination to deny the gunman any form of platform for his white supremacist views. Finally, thank you for highlighting the need for sympathy and love for all Muslim communities across the world. Your grace, purposefulness and moral clarity shines through these darkest days.

To the empathetic and efficient emergency response team, Thank you for working round the clock to serve courageously, often behind the scenes. We are eternally grateful to the medical team who gave their very best to treat the three Malaysians and many more victims who were critically injured, restoring them to wholeness with your tender loving care.

To the valiant and dedicated police officers, Thank you for your quick response that prevented any further attacks. Your continued commitment in offering comfort to those in grief and embracing the community with your reassuring presence is exemplary.

Source: Newshub NZ

To the selfless and fearless heroes, Thank you for valiantly defending fellow Muslim brothers and sisters at the Al-Noor Mosque and Linwood Mosque in the face of sheer terror and almost certain death. Thank you for all your quick-thinking and sacrificial acts which prevented further loss of innocent lives.

To the bold internet service providers, Thank you for taking the unprecedented step to jointly identify and suspend access to web sites hosting the harmful video footage. You have demonstrated extraordinary courage in doing the right thing in such a tragic incident, proving that technology can truly be a powerful force for good.

To the Amazing people of New Zealand, Thank you for coming out in unity to support local Muslim communities. You have touched our hearts and made so many of us Malaysians cry for the way you stood together in solidarity with our grieving Muslim brothers and sisters. We cannot find words to express our appreciation at how all of you treated the victims with such dignity, holding vigils in a sea of floral tributes. To those who gave generously and those who humbly provided protection around Mosques by standing guard, we Thank you!

Source: 9News

To those who remain nameless yet went the second mile in providing love, care and assistance, we Thank you!

To all New Zealanders, we will never forget your kindness. The whole Muslim community across the world will be forever indebted to you!

Thank You New Zealand!

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