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Thank you, Haris Ibrahim

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

By Simraatraj Kaur Dhillon & Farah Ilyana Mohd Anuar, Research & Advocacy Analyst of Bait Al Amanah.

Malaysians were hit-off guard when receiving heartbreaking news from our true Malaysian hero, political activist, and human rights defender Haris Ibrahim who revealed his terminal cancer.

More than just a towering personality trained in law, Haris is an extraordinary Malaysian who is a beacon of hope for a better Malaysia. He has lived a life as a political activist for over 22 years speaking out against corrupt politicians and urging Malaysians to unite for a better Malaysia. His contribution to Malaysia’s democratic movement has been remarkable and inspiring.

When Malaysia was experiencing political turmoil, Haris Ibrahim was the hero who advocated for justice, equality, and transparency in Malaysia. He consistently urged Putrajaya to re-establish Sabah and Sarawak as equal partners in parallel with the Malaysia Agreement of 1963 and held MPs accountable for their actions. Indeed, his determination to restore democracy has instilled patriotism and inspired many to engage in politics, hence stepping up to advocate for better governance and policies.

Haris is a true Malaysian. He led opinion, not just followed it. He was able to stand up and say what needs to be said, no matter the consequences for himself or how much it goes against established beliefs.

With the great impact he has created throughout his political journey, such heartbreaking news has saddened the whole nation. Haris Ibrahim is one of the finest political activists in Malaysia. He has sacrificed much in advocating for a better Malaysia regardless of race, religion, and background. Now that he is no longer actively engaged in political activism, it’s time for the youth to take up his spirit and continue the fight.

On behalf of all of us here at Bait Al Amanah, best wishes, and may God bless you with longevity, Haris Ibrahim.

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