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Social Statistics Malaysia 2018

The Department of Statistics Malaysia recently released the Social Statistics Bulletin Malaysia 2018. This interesting bulletin which is based on United Nations Statistics Division’s Handbook on Social Indicators presents selected statistics on population, housing, health, education, employment, welfare services, public safety and communication & recreation. These fields were identified as the basis in measuring the quality of life and social well-being. A few highlights of the bulletin include:

a) Malaysia’s population is estimated to grow from 32 million in 2017 to 32.4 million in 2018

b) Preliminary statistics record terrace houses having the highest existing stock of residential units at a substantial 40.8% as of Q2 2018, followed by Low Cost houses (20.9%) and Apartments/Condominium (15.2%)

c) The ratio of doctors to Malaysian population in 2017 is 1:554, while nurses record a ratio of 1:301 and finally there is 1 dentist for every 3,724 Malaysians

d) In terms of Education, there is 1 teacher for every 11.6 primary school student and 1 teacher for every 11.2 secondary school student

e) 14.45 million of Malaysians are employed, leaving 502,600 unemployed, giving an unemployment rate of 3.4%

f) In terms of Public Safety, vehicles theft records the highest number of crimes (42.5%) followed by other theft (19.4%), House break-in and theft (16.4%), Robbery (12.3%) and causing bodily injury (7.1%)

Attached below is a brief snapshot of all the statistics published by the Department of Statistics Malaysia.

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