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Policy Paper: Building Resilience in Malaysian Higher Education

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Bait Al Amanah published a new policy paper titled Building Resilience in Malaysian Higher Education, authored by the Fariq Sazuki, Benedict Weerasena, Abel Benjamin Lim (Economists of Bait Al Amanah) and Dr. Abdul Razak Ahmad (Founding Director of Bait Al Amanah).

The main findings and recommendations of the paper are as follows:

  1. Accelerating the digital revolution is crucial to transform higher education institutions to adapt to the new business environment post-pandemic.

  2. Overcoming the challenges of the current online learning system does not only involve providing necessary digital tools but also include flexibility in academic timetable and assessment policies.

  3. Malaysia requires reform in immigration policies to boost its attractiveness as an international education hub and retain the best talents for productive economic growth.

  4. Strategies towards higher education resilience include the formulation of a recovery plan, decentralization in decision-making, funding reform, expansion of consultancy services, and promotion of lifelong learning.

The full policy paper is attached below:

Building Resilience in Malaysian Higher Education (Policy Paper)
Download PDF • 743KB

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