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Panellist Update “Kashmir in Perspective: The Prospect for Peace and Democracy”

We are excited to announce the panelist line up for “Kashmir in Perspective: The Prospect for Peace and Democracy”, a virtual conference organised by Bait al Amanah, together with Tower Bridge Consultancy & Training London and NAHEL Endowment for Peace.

Join them in discussing the history of the Jammu Kahsmir region to date, delve deeper into the issue of Article 370 and the prospect of self determination, and understand the roles the international community can take up in empowering the Kashmiris. This virtual conference is free for all.

Title: Kashmir in Perspective: The Prospect for Peace and Democracy Date: 12 February 2021 Time: 3pm – 6pm (Kuala Lumpur GMT+8) Platform: Zoom

Link to the virtual conference will be emailed after successful registration.

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The Kashmir region has been in a state of conflict for decades. India’s claim that Kashmir is its territory is based on an Instrument of Accession signed by the Maharajah in order to obtain India’s military help against a popular insurgency. For this, Kashmir was granted special status under the Indian constitution Article 370. However, in 2019, the Hindu BJP government retracted the article, causing Kashmir to lose its autonomy. 

Now, the region has become one of the most heavily militarised states in the world with hundreds of thousands conflict-related deaths and displacement happening along the line of control between Jammu and Kashmir.

To date, Kashmir has never got the chance to practice their Right to Self Determination.

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