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Media Statement: We Stand in Solidarity with S. Kisona

Picture Source: Utusan

*Written by Simraatraj, Analyst of Bait Al-Amanah

We are appalled by the racist remarks made on social media against our national shuttler, S Kisona.

S Kisona is a talented Malaysian athlete who represented Malaysia. We have zero tolerance of any form of racism orprejudice, thus strongly condemn the derogatory statement made towards her. Such heinous comment is uncalled for, and we denounce this senseless act. This act is against the spirit of “Keluarga Malaysia” propagated by the Prime Minister.

We are disappointed that the culture of resorting to racial slurs still exist today. The statement made by the politician towards S Kisona displays ignorance and disrespect towards ethnic minorities in Malaysia.

Malaysia’s exceptionalism lies in its multiculturalism. As Malaysians we must no longer tolerate any form of racism or discrimination. We must continue to fight for the abolition of racism in sports and continue to promote progressive and inclusive nation-building.

We will continue to support and commend S Kisona for her tireless efforts and sacrifice to propel Malaysia to greater heights in sports.

Bait Al-Amanah stands in solidarity with S Kisona.

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