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Forum on US-Malaysia Relations in the Biden Era

Wednesday - 20 July 2022: Bait Al Amanah co-organised with Institute Kajian Malaysia dan Antarabangsa (IKMAS) UKM, East Asia International Relations (EAIR) Caucus and the U.S. Embassy in Malaysia held a forum on "Malaysia-US Relations: Under the Biden Presidency". Moderated by Assoc. Prof. Dr Lai Yew Meng, the forum was panelled by:

  1. Dan Cintron, Acting Deputy Chief of Mission, and Political Counselor at the Embassy of the United States of America in Malaysia

  2. Elina Noor, Director of Political-Security Affairs and Deputy Director, Washington D.C., Asia Society Policy Institute (ASPI)

  3. Thomas Benjamin Daniel, Senior Fellow of Institute Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia

This forum aimed to continue building on this network for future collaboration and furthering our research on the bilateral relations between Malaysia and the United States. Attended by participants from think tanks, embassies, government officials, NGOs, academicians, and graduate students, the session successfully brought together different stakeholders to discuss the vital topic of security, politics, economy and society.

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