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Dekad Baharu Johor : A Summary

YAB Dato’ Mohamed Khaled Bin Nordin, Chief Minister of Johor recently announced The New Decade of Johor, or better known as Dekad Baharu Johor, an exciting 10 years of developing the state of Johor together. 6 main strategies were presented, which are:

Top notch large-scale infrastructure for better connectivity

Exciting projects include KL-JB-Singapore High Speed Rail, Gemas-Johor Bahru Double Tracking Project, JB-Singapore Rapid Mass Transit and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project which is set to be completed in stages in the next decade. Highways and roads linking the towns to the rural regions will also be widened and upgraded.

Drastic transformation of Johor’s economic structure

The new economic structure will be driven by science and technology, digitalization and innovation – The Economy of the future. It’s a new focus on start-ups, Internet of things, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence – core elements of the New Millennial Economy. This courageous transformation portrays the state government’s seriousness and commitment to find alternatives to current economic engines, as Johor prepares for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Reforming and improving governance and administration in the coming decade

Improving governance includes the transformation of work culture, a shift towards a digital ecosystem, communication through social media and digital platforms. One highly interesting transformation is optimizing the usage of ‘big data’ through social media analytics and intelligence to understand the core issues faced by society.

Holistic development of Bangsa Johor’s thought processes, talents and skills

This is especially crucial among the younger generation better known as Orang Muda Johor (OMJ). To achieve this strategy, the state strives to encourage every Johorean to pursue the best education possible, with equal opportunities for all. In addition, more scholarships, educational assistance and skills training centres which focus on skilling, upskilling and reskilling will be set up.

Environmental sustainability, religious and cultural preservation

It is highly crucial to preserve and conserve the environment, knowing that we borrow the earth from our children. Also, in pursuance of development, our culture and importance placed on religion will never be sidelined.

Enhanced quality of life, human security and well-being

It’s not merely about zero poverty rates, but also a healthy society with a positive quality of life. In addition, the state does not want ‘a houseless generation’ but for each and everyone to live comfortably in blessed homes.

To achieve these strategies, every member of Team Johor needs to work together, pursuing this 5 goals :

Betulkan Niat – Correcting our motives

Bangunkan Negeri – Building our state

Belalah Negara – Defending our country

Berilah Nilai – Contributing productively

Bawalah Nama – Bringing Glory

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