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A Tribute to Dr Tetsu Nakamura

We would like to extend our sincere condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Dr Tetsu Nakamura, a man whose work will forever inspire us do more for humanity. We are truly saddened by the horrific attack on such a selfless humanitarian and his team.

Words cannot express our admiration and awe of Dr Nakamura and his colleagues at Peshawar-kai who have dedicated their blood, sweat and tears to improve the lives of Afghans, working on water management, dams and enhancing traditional agriculture. He is certainly a towering figure, an irreplacable role model for all.

Dr Nakamura treating patients *Picture Source: Japan Times

Dr Nakamura, thank you for going the second mile to open clinics in villages without doctors, constructing the 25km canal under the slogan “One canal instead of 100 clinics” and choosing to stay on for over 30 years in Afghanistan despite the departure of many aid groups during troubling times.

Your courage to continue this excellent work despite the possibility of losing your life is exemplary. Thank you for valiantly inspiring us as citizens of this world through your big-heartedness and heartfelt humanity.

The governor of Nangarhar lifts Nakamura at a completion ceremony for his canal project in February 2012. *Picture Source: Nikkei Asian Review

With such numerous accolades such as the Ramon Magsaysay Award, Fukuoka Prize, Kikuchi Kan Prize and Order of the Rising Sun, still your greatest accoplishments include transforming individual Afghan lives, miraculously reviving abandoned villages from arid land to fertile fields and playing a key role in reconstructing Afghanistan. Legacies of an icon fondly known as Uncle Murad which will be spoken of for many generations to come.

Constructing Canals and Reviving arid land *Picture Source: Peshawar-kai

With the motto “to shine light into dark corners”, you have indeed been a beacon of hope in times of hopelessness and a source of strength for the weak and helpless.

We are certain many will courageously take up your challenge to “choose not to go to places where everyone is willing to go, but rather to places where help is desperately needed and no one else is willing to go”.

*Picture Source: Japan Today

We strongly believe that your “dream of the day when lush farmland would bring stability and security to the lives of people stricken by violence and war” will eventually come to pass with many more carrying on your torch of humanity.

Thank you once again Uncle Murad.


Bait Al-Amanah (House of Trust)

11th December 2019

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