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A Neglected Dimension of the New Southern Policy: Multilayered Middle-Power Diplomacies

* Image Source: Korea Net

Since the New Southern Policy (NSP) was launched in November 2017, much attention has been focused on how the NSP brings new impetus for strengthening the bilateral and multilateral layers of ASEAN-ROK (Republic of Korea) relations, viz. the bilateral ties between individual ASEAN member states and South Korea and the links between ROK and ASEAN as a group. However, there is another equally crucial dimension that has been somewhat neglected: the role the NSP can play in transforming ASEAN-ROK relations into multi-layered middle-power diplomacies in the post-pandemic era.

For further information, read more about the article co-authored by our Founding Director, Dr. Abdul Razak Ahmad and Associate Professor Kuik Cheng-Chwee of IKMAS, UKM.

*this article was published in the Asean Insights Vol.3 No.3 November 2020

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