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A Multipolar World towards decreasing Currency Monopoly

Recently, Benedict Weerasena, the Research Director of Bait Al Amanah was quoted in Sri Lanka's Island Online, based on his presentation during Session 4: 'Interconnection Instead of Dictate: A Global Economy Without Currency Monopoly and Punitive Measures' at the 20th Annual Meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club held in Sochi on October 2–5, 2023.

During the presentation, he explained three positive trends among developing South East Asian nations amidst the acute military and political conflict, namely monetary monopolism to multipolarity (De-dollarization), ideological affiliations to economic pragmatism (Dealignment), globalization to regional economic integration (Deglobalization).

For the full article published in Sri Lanka's Island Online which expounds on the discussion during the session, kindly refer here.

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