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A Letter to Muna El-Kurd from Bait Al-Amanah

Dear Sister Muna El-Kurd,

What you, your twin brother, and all the youths of Palestine had to go through is something no human should ever have to. Yet, you rose above it all, unapologetically and gracefully resisting the injustice. We see you.

Your bravery and strength is inspiring and exemplary.

Sister Muna, those in power can kill one, two or three roses but they will never be able to stop the coming of Spring.

The changes you are bringing is unstoppable. We know it in our heart of hearts that the younger generation of Palestinians are going to bring the future we have longing for.

Sheikh Jarrah rightfully belongs to you and the Palestinians. We stand with you in solidarity against the Israeli barbaric occupation.

We pray for your wellbeing and unwavering courage Sister Muna.

In solidarity,

Bait Al-Amanah

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