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Help Kabul, Muslim countries bordering Afghanistan urged

*This article written by Minderjeet Kaur covering Bait Al-Amanah’s recent webinar was published in Free Malaysia Today. Muslim countries bordering Afghanistan must help their troubled neighbour and realise that Kabul’s peace and prosperity will ensure their own well-being, former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today. He said the Afghan peace process should be intensified, especially with the Afghans now knowing fully well that the future of their nation and people li

Malaysia must be a voice for peace in Afghanistan

*Photo Credit: Reuters By Dr Abdul Razak Ahmad (Founding Director of Bait Al Amanah) Earlier last month, the Turkish government announced that Turkey would be hosting and facilitating a new round of peace talks between the government of Afghanistan and the Taliban sometime in April this year. The upcoming talks aim to complement and reinforce previous meetings held in Qatar. With this Ankara initiative, it is expected that the parties involved would be able to further solidif

Identiti Islam Kosmopolitan: Iktibar dari Sejarah Malaysia 1000 Tahun

“Ibarat tin kosong, segolongan ekstremis yang melaungkan perjuangan di atas nama Islam hanyalah penunggang agama yang lebih fokus kepada perkara-perkara remeh, daripada amalan kehidupan seharian” Prof. Madya Dr. Khairudin Aljuneid Memetik kata-kata Prof. Madya Dr. Khairudin Aljuneid dari Jabatan Pengajian Melayu, The National University of Singapore (NUS) pada 3 Oktober 2019 lalu, fenomena Islamofobia yang berlaku pada masa kini sangat berkait rapat dengan imej negatif yang d

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